CompanyWe are creating a more innovative future.

We believe that the future digital world will include the Hdac Platform as a highly reliable blockchain network that can conveniently utilize the services of the world’s numerous IoT devices.

It is said that “the currency of the new economy is trust,” and so it is paramount that new technologies be built on trust. The Hdac Platform will be a key tool for implementing a more reasonable and efficient transaction system as the worlds of blockchain and IoT converge.

The technological philosophy underpinning Hdac is to dramatically improve M2M transaction environments daily: all transactions should be seamless and easy. In addition, we believe it will be possible to promote reasonable consumption and accurate management for all communication and utility expenditures using our technology.


Business Areas

  • System Integration / Platform Business P2P Transaction Platform
    M2M Transaction Platform
  • Blockchain-based Hardware Business H/W Wallet, Advanced Security Module
  • Portal Service & Consulting Business  
  • Industrial IoT Solution Business Smart Home, Smart Factory, Smart Ship

What we doHdac Technology AG’s mission is to create a frictionless experience for all transactions using blockchain technology by improving current services and concepts as well as building new ways blockchain technology can improve our lives.

  • Trust Between Devices – IoT Solution Partner
  • Platform & Service Provider
  • Stable Management Foundation Through Business Stabilization


  • COMPLETED Hdac Consensus Algorithm
  • COMPLETED Hdac Operating Environment Field Test
  • COMPLETED Hardware Wallet
  • COMPLETED Advanced Security Module


  • COMPLETED Hdac Operating Environment
    IN PROGRESS Hdac IoT Contract PoC
  • IN PROGRESS IoT Authentication and Device Control
  • IN PROGRESS Private Blockchain PoC
  • IN PROGRESS Smart IoT Diffusion PoC


  • IN PROGRESS Practical Application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Home
  • IN PROGRESS Practical Application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Factory
  • IN PROGRESS Hdac Platform


  • PRE-DEVELOPMENT IoT High Speed ​Transaction Distributed Processing Blockchain
  • IN PROGRESS Private Blockchain Security Enhancements, Advanced Security Module Ver 2.0
  • IN PROGRESS Hdac Platform Network Live Operation

Our Team

Our team consists of high-performing and experienced professionals who specialize in the delivery of blockchain and IOT solutions.
Dae-Sun Chung Founder
Dae-Sun Chung

Determined to disrupt industries with blockchain technology, Dae-Sun established Hdac Technology in 2017. As more and more IoT devices hit the markets, our lives become more connected. With this, there are huge security risks. Hdac implements blockchain with IoT technology to leverage trust, transparency, and security. 

Dae-Sun believes that Hdac can help change the world by enhancing new technologies, speeding up transactions, and keeping information consistent

Dae Sun Chung
Hee-Chang Yang Managing Director of Hdac Technology AG Headquarter
Managing Director of Hdac Technology AG Headquarter
Hee-Chang Yang

Hee-Chang majored in Business Administration and received his MBA from Helsinki School of Economy. Hee-Chang has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry. He worked at Shinhan Bank as the Head of FX Trading, Head of Project Financing, and Head of IBD. In 2007, Hee-Chang became the Branch Manager of Shinhan Bank London Branch. Afterwards, he briefly worked at Oak Line as Vice President and then moved to Woojeon Co., Ltd. as Permanent Audit. Currently, Hee-Chang is the Managing Director.

Dae Sun Chung
Michael Yun General Manager of Hdac Technology AG Korea Office
General Manager of Hdac Technology AG Korea Office
Michael Yun

Michael studied law at Korea University and got his MBA from Helsinki School of Economy. He worked at Shinhan Bank for over 20 years. During his time there, he was Director of the Planning and Research Department, President of the Labor Union, and Branch Manager. He switched over to consulting and shortly after he was sought out by one of his clients and moved to Inthef, Co. LTD, to work as an auditor for about 9 years. Currently, Michael is the General Manager of Hdac Technology Korea.

Dae Sun Chung
John Sang-Ug Bae Chief Operation Officer of Hdac Technology AG Headquarter
Chief Operation Officer of Hdac Technology AG Headquarter
John Sang-Ug Bae

John Bae majored in Business Administration at Korea University. He had worked 19 years in LG Electronics with 5 years in accounting team and 14 years in TV sales & marketing team for Europe & CIS. He has 12 years of overseas business experience consisting of 5 years in Russia, 3 years in Germany and 4 years in Switzerland. Especially, He came to Switzerland to open the branch and develop TV business successfully. At the last year of LG Electronics, he was in charge of overseas TV marketing strategy team and  Global OLED TV sales task force team. Now, he has been the COO of Hdac Technology since 2017 November.

Dae Sun Chung
Kee-Sung Woo Chief Planning Officer of Hdac Technology AG Korea Office
Chief Planning Officer of Hdac Technology AG Korea Office
Kee-Sung Woo

Kee-Sung worked in corporate planning at Hyundai Information Technology, Virturetek, Hyundai BS&C and Hyundai BS&I. He has experience in public relations and investor relations, venture investments, mergers and acquisitions, and IT services. Currently, Kee-Sung is the Chief Planning Officer at Hdac Technology. He is in charge of business development and strategies, overlooks new business opportunities, and manages investor relations and public relations.

Dae Sun Chung
Patrick Storchenegger Corporate Counsel (Legal & Regulatory Lead)
Corporate Counsel (Legal & Regulatory Lead)
Patrick Storchenegger

Patrick is the CEO of PST Legal & Consulting in Zug which was set up in 1992. His main practice areas are national and international tax law, corporate law, notarial services etc. He is also a member of a self-regulatory organization for anti-money laundering purposes.

Dae Sun Chung


The service team aims to achieve the vision and goals of the organization by gathering possible applications to run on the Hdac Platform.
service team


The development team consistently builds and improves the Hdac Platform so that it may conveniently provide data that customers need.
development team