Hdac Get ready for faster, safer transactions.

We are creating a reliable ecosystem in which transaction services run across the general Hdac space and the private blockchains by configuring the private and public blockchains so they are interconnected.
Blockchain and IoT
Blockchain is a technology where many entities can share and manage everybody’s transaction accounts. The IoT refers to technologies and services that connect all things based on the Internet and communicate information between people and devices.
Integration Between Blockchain Networks
As initial blockchain technology is becoming popular due to its features of decentralization, transparency, usability, and reliability, the applicability of the blockchain is expanding across industries such as cryptocurrency, attendance verification, forecast markets, and international finance.

Our Hdac Platform

Transaction Innovation

Many devices on the blockchain are operated by an IoT contract. IoT contracts not only control devices, access, and help communicate between devices, but also assure anonymity, with all transactions recorded in the ledger.

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Privacy is one of the biggest challenges facing IoT, so Hdac configures unique Hdac Platform networks for all types of users. Our platform acts to support payments with state-of-the-art hardware wallets immune to viruses. From private to public and back again, our Hdac Platform is configured as a hidden network with safe tunneling between a user and device to combat hacks, privacy invasions and external attacks. Remember, mutual authentication between devices and users is crucial for a reliable private blockchain, which fundamentally will only be practical if it interacts with the public blockchain.

The technology can be applied to smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, and various industries. Also, M2M transaction for mutual contracts and operation between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and transactions are possible. It is also where we can implement Transaction Innovation.

Eco-friendly, Fair Mining

We provide equitable, energy efficient opportunities.

Let’s break this down: To create a block you must mine.
A general blockchain consensus algorithm consists of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). This method, however, often results in excessive and unnecessary usage (PoW) while concentrated mining creates an unequal share among participants with a select few stakeholders controlling the network (PoS).

Our ePoW aims to eradicate power inefficiency and mining monopoly. By applying a block window concept, we overcome common limitations and welcome an extended group of stakeholders within an evenly distributed, decentralized network.

Connecting Chains

We seamlessly link public and private blockchains.

Firstly, it’s crucial to interpret a node as any device connecting to the blockchain network. Now, a public blockchain is open. A private blockchain requires an invitation. As a result, the “permissioned” nature of the latter means it’s unlikely to be accessed by nodes as freely as the former. Problem created.

Cue Bridge Node, an intermediary which contains key configuration information in order to link the two. Problem solved.

Enhanced Device Security

With great blockchain comes great responsibility. Hdac keeps you safe.

As with every digital transaction, cyber criminals loom. We aim to stop them. In fact, we don’t even intend to give them a chance.

Recent cases have identified vulnerability with pseudo random numbers generated when creating your wallet addresses and private and public keys.

Hdac implements a specific authentication scheme by applying a quantum random number (beginning with our identifiable characters “Hdac”) to eliminate the possibility of hacking.

Smart HERIOT Home

Smart HERIOT Home is a service that incorporates the latest blockchain technology into a smart home.
This service enables transparent management of apartment expenses and enhances the security of IoTs that are applied to apartments, making it possible for residents to live with a peace of mind.

At Home

  • Smart Monitor view
    10-inch touch screen with a sophisticated design
    -Interact with main entrance gates
    -Make calls to the security/management office when you need to
    -Be notified when registered vehicles arrive at the gate
    -Use the call system for the elevator
    -See who is at the door – even when you are not home
    -View the amount of energy consumed
  • Elevator Call System view
    Call elevators to your floor by using the Smart Monitor.
  • Smart Lock view
    Use the Smart Monitor to remotely open doors for guests when they call from the lobby phone.
  • Vehicle Access Control view
    License Plate Recognition sends you notifications when registered cars enter through the gate. Use the monitor to remotely open the gate for guests.
  • HVAC Control System view
    The system cuts down unnecessary use of energy by regulating the operation of an air-conditioner and heating system in each room.

Stay Connected

  • Smart Home App view
    View and control the status of your home remotely by using the application on your smartphone. The application provides notifications based on the configured information.
  • CCTV Recording System view
    Check on the safety of your family by viewing the surveillance cameras that are installed in the underground parking lot, elevator, and playground.
  • Standby Power System view
    The system reduces your use of standby power from home appliances by automatically cutting off generated standby power when it is not in use.
  • Security System view
    When your home alarm is triggered by an intruder, the system will contact the police.
    *Sensors will be installed in your home


  • Remote Meter Reading view
    Automatic Meter Reading can collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water, electric, and heating meters and transfer that data to the management office.
  • Smart Apartment Management view
    Prevent any manipulations to your account book by using the new blockchain technology.
  • Energy Management System view
    A system that systematically analyzes the amount of energy consumed in the house. The system can set goals for reducing energy consumption, send notifications, display amount of energy consumed, and more.

Smart Campus

We are using blockchain technology with college campuses to create a convenient lifestyle for students, professors, and staff. Smart Campus enables users to explore a wealth of information, reserve seats at the library, and register for classes.


  • Shuttle Bus Schedule/Reserve view
    -Check the location of the bus.
    -Use your NFC Student ID card to pay for bus fares.
    -Book bus tickets when you want to go home or take a trip over the weekend.
  • Dining Halls view
    -Check the menus ahead of time and order meal tickets.
    -Review your past activity.
  • Social Platform view
    -Get notified for upcoming events.
    -Buy/sell used goods.


  • Attendance view
    Manage your students’ attendance easily using your phone or tablet! You can communicate with students beyond the classroom. Make class announcements, group chats, or contact individuals privately through the app.
  • Library view
    -Reserve a seat at the library and stop worrying about having your seat taken.
    -Check out, reserve, and return books.


  • NFC Student ID Cards view
    -Upload your information onto the NFC chip and make payments with your ID card to stack up on reward points.
  • Smart Apartment Management view
    -Pay for student dues.
    -Create an election and have students vote.
  • Registration view
    -Access your graduation certification.
    -Receive notifications and instructions on how to pay for your tuition.
    -Register for classes.
    -Review lectures.
    -Check your grades.

Smart Factory

We are using blockchain technology to alleviate fraud and inefficiencies in the BOL system. Companies will be able to digitize the traditional paper-based Bill of Lading system to ensure efficiency and security.


  • Increased Security view
    All information is encrypted so users can not interfere with the system and change the information in the system.
  • Cost Saving view
    A big part of the cost comes from the documentation, procedural delays, and errors. The costs can be omitted by using blockchain technology.


  • Quick Processing Time and Real-Time Updates view
    The exchange of information can become instant since parties do not have to mail documents. Procedures that normally take weeks can be completed in a few minutes.
  • Higher Accuracy view
    Blockchain can help maintain attribution for parts by assigning a serial number/unique identifier. This may help avoid counterfeiting issues.
  • Quality Assurance view
    Blockchain can transact records of test data sets for a particular part to maintain individual part history. It can also validate that necessary steps took place as part of qualification and certification.


  • Easier Access to the Market view
    Everyone will have access to the systems and infrastructure to track, control, process feedback, and collect data. The parties involved will be able to develop direct communication with one another.
  • Detect Issues view
    Since the contracts and processes will be encrypted, customers will be able to check the orders to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
  • Management view
    To ensure the quality of products, there is the opportunity to collect data on the parts through integrated sensors and monitors which feed continuous improvement feedback loops going back to part design.

Smart Car

We are in the process of developing a platform for the used-car industry. Our goal is to allow people to buy pre-owned cars and share cars with a peace of mind. We will use blockchain technology to eliminate the problem of odometer fraud and inaccurate vehicle history.


  • Vehicle Registration view
    The blockchain-based system will enable users to receive information such as mileage, accident history, vehicle usage history, and other important information to be stored into a “digital logbook” that can be shared with the owner and potential buyers. The information in the blockchain system will be 100% reliable and transparent.
  • Price Comparison view
    Sellers will know the true condition of the car with certainty with the blockchain system so they can receive the correct amount of money for the car.


  • Warranty Management view
    Smart Car will also be able to collect behavioral data to learn about your driving style and give you tips on how to drive more economically.
  • Reminders view
    With the on-board diagnostics device, you can drive with a peace of mind. You will be notified of any vehicle health and performance errors.

Car Sharing

  • Join view
    You can sign up through our app or on our website.
  • Book view
    You will pick a car that you would like to drive, book it, and pay for it through the app. The app will communicate with the car, allowing you to unlock the doors with just a click.
  • Drive view
    The blockchain system will store data about the vehicle’s usage and information about vehicle owners, drivers, and passengers. This information will help validate a “smart contract” between the two parties to manage payment of services.