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Technical Hdac Source Code v1.09.0 Update Applied
Dec 27, 2018
Technical Hdac Source Code v1.09.0 Released
Dec 21, 2018
Technical [Notice] Reduction of Hdac Block Reward and Total Supply
Dec 20, 2018
Technical Announcement for Hdac Mining Partners
Oct 24, 2018
Technical [Notice] The Result of The Vote and The Implementation Date of Hdac Block Reward Reduction
Oct 15, 2018
Technical Announcement Regarding Lyra2REV2 ASIC Machine Update (10/10/2018)
Oct 10, 2018
Technical Hdac Software Patch
Sep 24, 2018
Technical [Announcement] Cooperation Request for All Hdac Mining Partners
Sep 24, 2018
Technical [Warning] Hdac MainNet Malfunction Found
Sep 23, 2018
Technical Hdac Wallet v1.4.0 Update
Sep 21, 2018
Technical Vote for Hdac Mining Block Reward Reduction
Sep 21, 2018
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