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Now and Tomorrow

Hdac's Russia World Cup Commercial 70s (ENG) 30s (ENG)
70s (FR) 30s (FR)
70s (KOR) 30s (KOR)

Privacy is one of the biggest challenges facing IoT, so Hdac configures unique Hdac Platform Networks for all types of users.


It’s arrived. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the world into an extensive information platform.


From private to public and back again, our Hdac Platform is configured as a hidden network with safe tunneling between a user and a device to combat hacks, privacy invasions and external attacks.



HDAC Allocation

  • · 7% Capital Reserve
  • · 7% Hdac Presale/TGE Participants
  • · 86% ePoW Mining
    • * First block reward: 5,000 dac.
    • * Anyone can participate in the Hdac mining for the next 170 years.

Use of Proceeds

  • · 35% Capital Reserve
  • · 15% Capital Reserve for Hdac Foundation & Hdac Technology AG
    [1% Hdac Foundation / 14% Hdac Technology AG]
  • · 24% Hdac Technology
    [12% Hdac Core R&D / 5% Hdac IoT Hardware R&D / 7% Operation]
  • · 11% Global Marketing
  • · 15% Strategic Partners & Business Development